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Nestled between the lavish green ranges of the Sahyadri, Four thousand five hundred feet above sea level, The Rudrana Hills is one of the best budget hotels in Mahabaleshwar. Rudrana hills offer best amenities and a humble servant. Intentionally designed the budget hotel in Mahabaleshwar, the rudrana hills is a 12-room cozy resort, offer its guests serenity within the hustling hill station of Mahabaleshwar, at affordable price with all rooms facing the valley, with an unobstructed view, guests can relax in their rooms, take a stroll around the property, or just star-gazer as the night envelopes the mountains.

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With its large windows, natural sunlight, beautiful view and marble floor make this charming hall perfect for any occasion.


With its large windows, natural sunlight, beautiful view and marble floor make this charming hall perfect for any occasion.


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The name and the town have a history. The reason behind the name Panchgani is that it is surrounded by not only 5 villages but also 5 hills. Hence Panchgani was named after him. Since the time being place is used as a summer resort, because it persisted pleasantly throughout the year. Blanketed by greenery from all around, The Rudrana Hills provides breathtaking views of massive mountains from nearly all rooms. It is one of the best budget hotels in Mahabaleshwar allows you to indulge in a never-ending affair with nature. Rudrana Hills is the best resorts in Mahabaleshwar.

The hotel has basic amenities like 24hour Wi-Fi facility, inverter backup facility, parking, car rental facility and many more. Along with this, you can play games with your friends, family, and colleagues as we light up campfires for you! Want to have a movie night? Tell us and we’ll arrange a projector under the moonlit skies for you! There’s magic in here and as they say, you’ll find it only if you seek it. Take the unique interactive experience.

Rudrana hills Hotel & Resort offer various booking options. You can contact anytime our hotels directly via Phone, email. The easiest way is to book via our booking system through the website where you simply have to enter the details.



Mahableshwer offers options for food that differs in style, elements and genres. While you can enjoy every type of food, as well as some Continental and Chinese snacks in their freshest, most lip-smacking forms at minimal prices at the local Dhabas, you can also indulge in global cuisines at a number of restaurant as well as the eateries attached to the the hotels and resorts. One can relish Italian, Tibetan, Mughlai, South Indian platters here as well as a few instances of local foods. Maharashtrian cuisine is very simple as it mainly centres around.





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